The Native Plants Of Bali

Published: 25th July 2011
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Long before there was human life and animal life, there was plant life. Plants are the very root of life on this planet. If there were no plants, there would never be any ecosystems and no food for herbivores, which would lead to worldwide starvation which would ultimately lead to mass extinction. Regardless of where you look, even under the ice of the arctic you will discover plant life.

One of the most unbelievable habitats on earth is home to several different species some of which are even endangered. Bali is a small island in the Indonesian island chain and has many kinds of plants which are grown for food, which grow naturally in the forests and on mountains, different kinds of tropical fruits which offer vibrancy to the eye and even offer delicious flavor for the tongue.

The Bali forest
There are several things which Bali is known for and it's precious and much wanted wood is one of them. Ebony, banyan, pule (wood that is used to carve sacred masks used during elaborate Balinese dances and ceremonies), pine, pangge baya, and bamboo are amongst the trees and other plants are some plants which you’ll be able to find growing naturally in the Balinese forests. Several of the vacation Bali villas for tourists are made from the locally grown trees.

Grown for profit and food
Rice is one of the primary staples in the Balinese diet regime. Bali has got the perfect land type and the climate to grow rice in large qualities. Just like most of the other Asian countries, Bali exports a little of the rice crops grown. Coffee is one more most important exports of Bali. There is plenty of demand for Balinese coffee and it can be found in several specialty stores in the US. The other specialties of Bali are the herbs and spices that are grown on the island. With the herbs and spices which are available in Bali like peppers, turmeric, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and chili peppers you will be able to spice up your everyday dishes.

Raised for beauty
Whenever you think of Bali, the image that comes to your mind is of a land dotted with vibrant fragrant flowers that bloom large and beautiful under the azure and wide Bali villas that are caressed by garlands of brightly colored flowers. One will be able to find some of the world's most vibrant flowers on Bali. Some of these flowers are allamanda, mallam, lotus lilies, frangipani, kenanga, sedap, bougainvillea, kasia, Jasmine and several species of orchids. These are just few of the different species of plants which you would be able to discover on the Balinese island.

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